This blog is about religion. And the other things – things that meet religion, gather inside it, and then create change because of it. The worth of these things depend on the religion they encounter. The usefulness of these things depend on the quality of the religion. The purpose given these things affect every thing.

Biblical Christianity is my religion. The reason I choose my religion is because it is beautiful. As such, I want to share it and make much of it to as many people as I can. If you experience beauty in your religion, or if real beauty is lost to you,  I invite you to come and see mine. I want to share what makes me wonder.

Each blog will magnify, track, and examine a particular thing as it passes through my religion. Some things will be central to the essence of Biblical Christianity, while others will be peripheral. However, I consider everything to be informed by, and relevant to my religion.

The term, “Biblical Christianity” is used because I want to distinguish my religion from other versions of Christianity. I believe the Bible is, in the original documents, the inerrant word of God, given to, and expressed by human beings. It is authoritative and sufficient, providing the meaning of life. In it, are the guidelines for right-living and, more importantly, the only sure way to know the one God and Jesus Christ who he sent. I call my life-perspective a “Biblical worldview.”

All humans on earth share much in common. It is not the things that differ so much as the definitions and meanings – the significance – we attribute to them. Significance implies value. Value, in turn, implies worth. The thing(s) that are of supreme worth, we worship. Other things, we submit to the ultimate thing(s). The main question, which is answered in millions of ways around the world, is how many objects of supreme worth are there, how can we find them, and what is our obligation if we do? That, for me, encapsulates the quest of religion.

It seems to make sense, then, that the term “religion” should be the first that flows through what I see as supremely worthy.


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